Willie Hart - Team Roper

Categories: Overcoming
Date: 28 Aug 2015 18:54

Hi my name is Willie Hart and I'd like to introduce myself. Back in 1999, my friend and I were heading into town for a bite to eat. We were 5 miles from town when my friend was gonna pass two cars. The car directly in front of us didn't look in his mirror and also swerved out to pass. My friend instinctively swerved to miss it and hit a guard rail. My arm was propped outside the window and caught the guard rail. It pulled my arm off as well as jerked me out of the truck. I flew about 50 feet where my head hit a pipe fence. I sustained a traumatic brain injury, broken feet and pelvis, and had my right arm amputated. I was flown to Oklahoma City where I wasn't expected to live. After the Dr. said I would probably live, he told my parents to stick me in a nursing home and that I would be a vegetable the rest of my life. They put me in a rehab center and hoped for the best. Doctors told me that my dream of team roping again would not be possible and my brain couldn’t handle the "jarring" of riding a horse again. Fast forward to the first time I got on a horse. I ripped the seat belt out of my wheelchair and tied it on my saddle to hold me in. Having been right handed before losing my right arm meant that I would have to switch arms to rope, which was a pretty tough feat in itself. I live and breath the SAYiWON’T Creed everyday and I am proud to wear the SAYiWON’T name on my shirt. I got word a couple months ago that I'm eligible and being considered for a nominee in the American next year. SAY I WON’T! - CLICK HERE TO NOMINATE WILLIE FOR RFDTV's THE AMERICAN - 

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Willie Hart