Will Speed - Wakeboarder, Basketball Player, Racer, IT Technician, Athlete

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Date: 13 Dec 2014 13:48

Original post: May 31, 2013

Will embodies the SAYiWON’T attitude and spirit. He says: “To me, SAYiWON’T is more than just a creed! It’s more than a motto or a clothing company. SAYiWON’T is a LiFESTYLE! It’s my lifestyle! When I first heard of SAYiWON’T I knew they were speaking directly to me. SAYiWON’T is my language. I have been faced with a lot of obstacles in my life. I have been told that I couldn’t do this, or that, but when I hear those “NO’s” or negatives I remember why I am alive today! My LiFE revolves around proving all the doubters wrong and saying “...iWILL”. Please, tell me that I can’t do it. Tell me that I shouldn’t even try. Tell me it’s impossible, tell me the risk is too high, the challenge too much, or the feat too tough. Tell me that I won’t do it, AND I WILL!!”

We asked Will to describe himself in one word, he said: “DETERMINED! Determined to inspire, to raise awareness, to prove that all things are possible. Determined to succeed, to sweat, bleed, and BE ALIVE!!!” SAY i WON’T!

To see more of Will’s story, watch his mini documentary by courageouslife.com here...http://youtu.be/8Ix1YA03iv4


Will Speed


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