Warriors And Rodeo

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Date: 22 Apr 2016 13:57

"SAYiWON'T and I WILL overcome, succeed, and not just survive... but thrive." 

Sheri Smith is a PBR Certified Sports Agent as well as president of the non-profit Warriors And Rodeo. Navy Veteran and journalist, she is also a mother of six children and wife to Shae Smith, also a Navy Veteran.  Their family has been traveling full time in a camper for over seven years taking back the time stolen by severe nerve damage her husband suffered with for over 13 years.

Sheri is founder of Warriors And Rodeo, an organization designed to give back and support those who have served our country in the military, law enforcement, EMS, and fire fighters and are in the ranch and rodeo industry. W.A.R. is at war against depression, suicide, loneliness, PTSD and the effects of them. It is a place where its members can come and find the comradery they have all experienced as well as having the common bond of ranch and rodeo. 

There are three missions:


"That Not One Would Perish Under My Watch"                      

Dealing with day to day life after the experiences some of our WAR members face can be extremely difficult. WAR provides a place for members to help each other by connecting with those in similar situations and encouraging one another.   


"Protect Those Who Protect Us."  

Provide gear, via donations and sponsorship, to its Service Members in the rodeo/western lifestyle. Whether it be vests, helmets, chaps, boots, spurs, hats, ropes, shirts, pants, or other items - WAR wants to give back to those who are willing to give it all.  


Provide ways for people to show their gratitude to those who serve our country. Donations, benefit events, child's artwork, cards, videos, the possibilities are endless. Professional athletes, corporate sponsors, media, individuals are all jumping on board to endorse and support Warriors And Rodeo. Become a volunteer to help this organization reach its full potential.  Whether someone wants to donate a piece of gear or other item they make to get into the hands of a member - we will make sure that it goes to that member who may need to know they are not forgotten and they are appreciated. 


For more info on W.A.R. please visit:  http://www.warriorsandrodeo.org/


SAYiWON'T Creed for Warriors And Rodeo:

Our members will not let the effects of war, tragedy, loss, and PTSD steal our lives or the lives of our brothers and sisters in arms. While memories, sleepless nights, a feeling of loss will come upon some we will not let it define us. We will overcome. We will stand together. We will not just survive but we will thrive.

Warriors And Rodeo would like to thank SAYiWON'T and Cowboy Times for their support of our organization. Your efforts mean so much to our members and you are truly making a difference in their lives. Thank you for teaming up with W.A.R. We are in the life saving and changing business you are great partners in it.

In the words of our members: 

"Its a place where no matter what youve been through or done or what you struggle with you can rest easy that every single person will go above and beyond for you when you might need ANYTHING. Its a place where like minded folks in military, services and rodeo can come together and have the brotherhood that is otherwise usually lost after youre out of the service."
- Jay Finley

"Simple! To me it's family!!!"
- Crystal Garcia

"Throughout a military career you are taught to have confidence in your brothers and sisters in arms, in a civilian world you are not instilled those concepts. As a group Warriors and Rodeo continues the traditions instilled through service to the country and provides members of the group an opportunity to have someone to talk with, have a place to stay in times of need, and be provided gear to continue their dreams in the sport of rodeo among other things. As a Marine Corps veteran and a bullrider I have met many ppl across the country and the world and some of the most giving and selfless people are associated with this group. "
- Christopher SkeetersProfessional Bullrider, Purple Hear Recipient , Marine Corps Veteran OIF/OEF

"WAR is a safe- drama free place where people who love rodeo and serve our nation can come together. Either over the internet or in person to help each other out. Everyone here that i have met seems more than willing to bend over backwards to help someone out. WAR is Family, WAR is Saftey, WAR is Friendship and comradery, and WAR is a place to give back. An awesome group of men and women that I am so proud and lucky to be a part of."
Brandon Landon