Venn Johns aka "VENNMMM"

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Date: 1 Oct 2015 15:50

SAYiWON’T Feature:  Venn Johns aka “VENNMMM" - Bull Rider, MMA Fighter, Gymnast, Musician, Moto Racer, Snowboarder, and more… 

The SAYiWON'T creed is something I feel has been instilled in me since I was born.  It has very little to do with anyone else saying I can't or I won't, rather challenging myself and proving to myself that I can be the best I can be ... not only in sports, but in life too.  I can only control my feelings, my thoughts and my reactions; therefore, I control my happiness and my ability to share that happiness with other people... which in turn, promotes a healthy and positive atmosphere for everyone around me. My former gymnastics coach always told me that if I wasn't doing something to make myself better at gymnastics, my opponent was....and when we met at a competition, he would win.  I have carried that throughout live and continue to use that ideal to fuel my fire and dare anyone to SAYiWONT!

The most challenging event I have had to overcome would be the death of family members...learning to deal with the death of my father at the age of 7, then later my mother, grandfather, and grandmother.  All of these deaths have shown us that family does not have to be blood b/c we have several very close friends that would do anything a blood relative would do ... and more. I overcame these challenges by focusing on the positive things in life, things I can control (which is myself) and directing all my energy towards being a great athlete and motivator for everyone I encounter.

When asked to describe himself in one word, Venn replied, “indomitable”.  SAY I WON’T!

Follow Venn through his many challenges…

Twitter/Youtube - @vennmmm 

Instagram - @venn_mmm 

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Venn Johns