Sierra Dawn Thomas - Barrel Racer

Categories: Overcoming
Date: 7 May 2015 11:30

Sierra Dawn Thomas - “Nothing great happens when you are living in your comfort zone.”

Sierra was born and raised in Utah, where she grew up on her family ranch. She now travels the country competing in rodeos and is a three time national champion barrel racer. She is also in the Masters program for Criminal Justice. You might recognize Sierra from the current season of the CBS show, Survivor, where she continues to show her SAYiWON’T attitude and toughness. 

Sierra states, “I’m not afraid to set impossible goals and strive to achieve them. Too many times in life we are told what we can and can't do. We should never let other people's view on who we are determine our greatness. I've always loved to prove people wrong, especially when it comes to athletics and rodeo. Living in a man’s world with rodeo is tough but it's made me work that much harder and be that much stronger, which in the end, has made the reward that much greater.”

She says that doubt has been the biggest challenge she’s had to overcome. “We all have it. We tend to be our worst critics at times. Sometimes it's not what's in front of us that slows us down but the limits we put on ourselves mentally.” She overcomes it by “taking the doubt and fear and using it as a positive, using it to drive herself even harder. It's ok to be afraid and scared but you should never let it limit you. Nothing great happens when you are living in your comfort zone.”

When asked if her rodeo background helped her on the show, she replied, “I've been competing in rodeos since I was 6. I did junior rodeo, high school rodeo, got a full ride scholarship for 4 years of college and started competing professionally when I was 18. I don't live a "normal" life. I travel 60,000 miles a year all across the U.S. and Canada to compete in rodeos and live in my horse trailer when doing so. I don't always have running water or electricity. Things happen on the road I don't have control over. Because of my every day life, I knew I had what it took to be on Survivor. I learn to adjust every single day. Not everything goes your way when you are on the road. You learn to not let the little things affect the big picture. You stay focused, always. I'm incredibly competitive and try to always have a positive mindset. I'm also athletic, I played 4 sports in high school at a varsity level (basketball, volleyball, track, and cross country). Because of who I am at the core, mentally and physically, I knew I could handle whatever Survivor threw my way. I knew I wouldn't back down from any challenge and would always give 100%.”

When asked to describe herself in one word, Sierra replied “Determined. Anything I do in life I put all effort possible in to. You never know how great you can be until you push yourself to the limit. Nothing comes easy. Never ever lose site of the big picture just because there may be little road blocks along the way.”  SAY I WON’T!!!


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