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Date: 26 Jul 2015 00:03

Mike states, "SAYiWON'T means to have a warrior spirit and mentality of never giving up no matter what the odds or challenges." He says his biggest challenge today is "being able to consistently block negativity and doubt out of my life." and he says "I focus on the things I can control, focusing on my goals, and only being or responding with positive energy."    

Deployed to Iraq’s infamous Triangle of Death in 2004, Sergeant Mike Dowling and his military working dog Rex were part of the first Marine Corps military K9 teams sent to the front lines of combat since Vietnam. It was Rex’s job to sniff out weapon caches, suicide bombers, and IEDs, the devastating explosives that wreaked havoc on troops and civilians alike. It was Mike’s job to lead Rex into the heart of danger time and time again, always trusting Rex to bring them both back alive.

Mike is a Marine veteran and author of the critically acclaimed book Sergeant Rex, a memoir of his time serving with his military working dog Rex. A consummate advocate in the veteran community, he is co-founder of the 501c3 nonprofit Veterans in Film & Television, is on the board of directors of Wings for Warriors, and an ambassador for Hounds & Heroes. He was on the production teams creating PSA's for the Veterans Affairs Veterans Crisis Line and Make the Connection campaigns. He was a producer on Participant Media's Take Part Live and contributor to their Return the Service focusing on veterans issues. He is currently a contributor and Director of Talent & Community Outreach for We Are The Mighty, the first entertainment and lifestyle brand for and by the military community and those who love it. For his passion and dedication in supporting the veteran community he's been recognized by LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, was the Veteran of the Year for California’s 46th district in 2013, and named one of the 100 most influential and impactful veterans in 2014 by HillVets.

When asked to describe himself in one word, Mike replied, "Resilient". Say I Won't! 

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