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Categories: Overcoming
Date: 18 Mar 2015 10:05
"I wanted to send you pics of the kids in their custom hats you guys made for them. I meant to get them to you sooner, but our Christmas was delayed. On December 19th my oldest daughter Mackenzie fell off the monkey bars at school. She has an incomplete spinal cord injury. We spent Christmas in the hospital so the kids didn't get their hats until the Saturday after Christmas.  That's when they moved Mackenzie into a pediatric bridge hospital in St. Louis. She loves all her SAYiWON'T stuff she got for Christmas and now the creed has even more meaning for our family. They've told her she may never walk again, that she may never lead a normal life. She's told them she will. She's already learning to walk again just four short weeks after her accident. If that's not living the creed I don't know what is. Anyway, thank you so much for the hats, the rest of the merchandise, and for creating this awesome and inspiring line."

Update:  Mackenzie's mom says "she is now walking on her own as long as an adult walks with her. She's doing amazing. She plays softball and basketball and cheerleading as well as rides horses. She's told me from the very beginning she's going to do all those things again. Even her doctors and nurses say she is driven. She's a pretty tough little girl."  We are behind you Mackenzie... keep Living the Creed!

Mackenzie's Challenge Tee:  If you are interested in supporting Mackenzie's comback, her family has designed the challenge tee below and they are currently taking pre-orders.

 Mackenzie Monroe CT



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