Kylee Rae Smith

Categories: Overcoming
Date: 21 Jun 2016 23:37
My name is Kylee Rae Smith and I just started riding bulls in October of 2015. On February 6, 2016 I was bucked off the back of a bull named Killer and I ended up landing on my head which put me in the hospital. While in the hospital they discovered I had broken a bone both in my neck and in my back. They also discovered I had bleeding in my brain and was put on a ventilator for twelve hours. They ended up telling my family they should say their final goodbyes and that there wasn't a good chance I would survive. Time passed and the bleeding in my brain had stopped but they had discovered something else, they found out that I had a birth defect in the back of my head. I was born with a drain vessel that wasn't supposed to be there and it was three times the size that it should have been. After five days in the hospital I was released and I knew I had long road to recovery. I knew I wasn’t going to ride for a while. During my healing process, I was around the rodeo, cheering everyone on, and helping riders whenever I could. The urge to ride came back and I had made my up my mind that once I was cleared by all of my doctors, I was going to ride again! On May 7, 2016 after getting cleared by all doctors, I rode again. Being able to get on the back of a bull was one of the greatest feelings in the world! During all of this I had and still have such an amazing group of people that have always believed in me and always have stood by my side. My older brother Andrew has stayed so strong through all of this and has been an inspiration to me. Prior to my accident, Andrew, being a fellow bull rider, has shown me a lot along the way, and I know he will continue to do so as I get back into the sport. 

The SAYiWON'T name means a lot to me! I have been told on many occasions in life that I can’t or won’t do something. That drives me to prove people wrong and succeed at the task, both for myself, and to prove those wrong who doubted me! It allows me to show everyone my determination and strengths. While proving those folks wrong, I learned I have more strengths than I would have ever thought. The SAYiWON'Tname and creed has shown me a lot in my life. I know I will learn more from it and continue to prove people wrong along the way. When I have a goal in life... nothing will stop me from achieving that goal!!

If I had to pick one word to describe myself, I would have to say WARRIOR! No matter what happens in life, I will do my best to push myself harder in hopes of being the best person I can be!! 

IG:  @kyleerae97


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Kylee Rae