Julie Mankin - Survivor, Fighter

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Date: 9 Jul 2015 00:54

 Julie Mankin is a former college rodeo star from Wyoming who has worked in public relations and editorial for nearly 20 years. She is now facing the toughest challenge of her life. 

 "I’ve been a free spirit with a little rebel streak my entire life, so SAYiWON’T is a brand that

always appealed to me. But I had no clue of the true importance of motivation until this year. In

April, I woke up in a hospital with a mangled, completely unfamiliar body. I had been there

almost three weeks.

I had been peacefully driving home on I-45 in Texas. I still have no recollection of anything bad

happening. Apparently I slammed at highway speed into a truck traveling at 10 mph. The first

medic expected to call the coroner. It took more than an hour to cut me out and somehow I was

alive, so they put me on a helicopter, expecting to call a “dead on arrival.”

Days later, the medic was so surprised I lived that he came by the hospital to see for himself. To

me, SAYiWONT is about doing what doesn’t seem possible. The forecast for my future was so

bad in those first weeks that my dejected family went to my house and packed everything I

owned. But my sister refused to believe the dire predictions. “Say she won’t fully recover,” she

was thinking. “And she will.”

For the next four weeks, I was only surviving; not processing what happened. I’m a fighter, but I

wasn’t there yet. It felt like I was having a nightmare. And it’s hard to be on a mission when you

keep thinking you’ll wake up from a bad dream.

To do the impossible, to live the SAYiWON’T creed, you need hope even more than courage.

Physical pain and rehabilitation have never intimidated me. Instead, my biggest challenge came

later. A traumatic near-death experience can destroy everything you thought you knew. As my

consciousness improved, motivation deserted me. I was numb. When you can’t feel, you can’t

hope. I couldn’t drum up the ability to care anymore. Desperate and bewildered, I finally learned

what was going on. Even though my conscious mind didn’t remember the crash, something in

my subconscious did. And that something had become certain, right before impact, that I was

going to die. And so it had shut down any ability to see the future or move forward.

Once I could define my obstacle, I needed the SAYiWONT creed more than ever. I had to force

myself to try hard for no reward – because every fiber of my being was convinced I’d soon be

dead anyway. It was impossible. Almost. All I could do was try to soak the creed in, and read

scriptures and messages from devoted friends every day. Slowly, it worked.

But today, now, is when the SAYiWONT creed really matters. Be bold. Your life can be taken

from you at any moment. Do what it is you’ve been putting off. Say what you feel. And when

life seems too hard; when the challenge is too much or the feat too tough, outlast it. You know

what? It’s fun to defy the odds."

 If you would like to help Julie in her recovery please visit:  http://www.gofundme.com/q4pgg54


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