Erik Bohl - OverComer

Categories: Overcoming
Date: 23 Jan 2015 11:52

Original Post: August 20, 2013

“I have always been the underdog and not afraid to take on any challenge. I am super competitive and don’t like losing. When I was introduced to SAYiWON’T in 2009, it became my life slogan.” 

"I buy the hats and shirts...but beyond that, it runs through my veins." - Erik

Erik severed the patella tendon in his knee in March. Doctors told him it would be a minimum of a year to get back to 80%, and that he might not fully recover. Erik accepted this challenge and decided he would become a stronger version of himself. He began going to physical therapy 3 times a day and trained with a 3 time Mr. Olympia to push himself even harder. Erik never looked back and kept his focus on the journey ahead. Only five months into his recovery, he has exceeded every obstacle the doctors told him it would take a year to reach. 
As a result of the hard work, Erik has lost over 50 lbs! Through this whole journey, Erik continues to overcome the obstacles in front him.

Doctors told Erik that he would never be able to run again. His reply, "SAYiWON'T run a 5k by February 2014... ANDiWiLL." Erik states, "I thought I was motivated before, but now I have diesel running through my veins fueling the internal fire in me. I rise daily at 4am to put in the sweat equity in order to have the long term pay off… SAYiWON'T Run again." When asked to describe himself in one word, Erik states, "Driven".



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