Corliss and Irene Norton - WWII Veterans

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Date: 13 Dec 2014 14:48

July 5, 2013

Corliss and Irene Norton are 91 years old and have been married for 65 years. Living through the Depression, WWII, the Korean and Vietnam War, Corliss and Irene have overcome many obstacles and witnessed many triumphs for America.

Corliss Norton enlisted in the Air Force in 1942 when he was twenty years old. During his second mission, his plane encountered shrapnel and went down in the Adriatic Sea. He was the only survivor out of the back of the plane. After spending ten days in the hospital in Foggia, Italy, he went on to fly 37 more missions. He received a Purple Heart along with other air medals.

Irene Norton enlisted in 1943 and worked at the New York Port of Embarkation. She was enlisted in the first Women's Auxiliary Core until they soon became an official branch of the Army. During the last part of her tour, she was an Assistant to the Major at Camp Kilmer in New Jersey.

Meeting after the war, Corliss and Irene married and had six children. Corliss was a history teacher, basketball coach, principal, and then Superintendent at Clifton Central High School. He was inducted into the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame for achieving a record of 301-189 during his coaching career at Buckley and Clifton Central High School.

Next week, Corliss and Irene will be the Grand Marshals of the Clifton parade.
When asked what they attribute their long successful marriage to, Irene said they “respect each other and each other’s time” and Corliss said “do what you like to do and do whatever it takes to keep her happy.”