Corey Reed - Adaptive Athlete

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Date: 23 Dec 2014 10:31

Original Post: October 13, 2013

Corey Reed is a 30 year old blind, below-the-knee amputee who is making a name for himself as a professional adaptive athlete. His accomplishments as a professional adaptive athlete are apparent in his sportsmanship and never-give-up attitude, which he portrays in every wake of his existence. He is a licensed Massage Therapist, an avid CrossFitter, and the first adaptive athlete to compete in an able-bodied CrossFit competition with team CrossFit Los Angeles in the Phoenix Europa SICEST of the Southwest 2012. He is perfecting his sport as a skilled wakeboarder and enjoys the exhilaration received with free-style snowboarding. In 2012, he became the first blind athlete to participate in the Extremity Games and is always looking for new opportunities to push himself further and become better.
“SAYiWON’T means determination and discipline. I have always been the type of person who found motivation when someone told me that I couldn’t do something. When they tell me I can’t do something, it literally drives me to prove them otherwise. It presses my competitive edge and there is no turning back. SAYiWON’T and I will!”

Corey has had to overcome many challenges in his life, but he says “going blind was the biggest challenge that I have had to overcome. Although losing my leg and learning to walk on a prosthetic was certainly difficult, it did not have an impact on my lifestyle and way of living that my blindness did. It took me about a year to adjust to my prosthetic, but it took over 6 years before I truly came to accept and appreciate my blindness. Adapting to blindness is a constant adjustment as well as an ongoing learning experience. Although I miss my sight sometimes, especially when I think about flying across the desert valley fifth gear pinned, my experience as a blind person has given me a deeper understanding of the world around me.”

In addition to developing his physical strength and endurance, Corey is currently developing his mission in life, Ride With Core, which can be described as; providing inspiration to others, and showing individuals that regardless of where you are, or where you have been, you have the power to change your lifestyle and overall outlook on the world if you dedicate yourself in doing so. Ride with Core aims to provide people with the inspiration, motivation, tools and knowledge to create a better life through physical fitness, a positive mindset, nutritional guidance and overall health awareness. Corey believes in the human spirit, the power of kindness and that when we inspire others and show them how to implement change into our lives, we are changing more than the individual life of one person, but rather the lives of many.
When asked to describe himself in one word, Corey’s responded, “PASSIONATE”. 

We want to congratulate Corey on all of his accomplishments including his marriage last Saturday, and we wish he and his wife the best of luck! 
Check out the latest episode of Ride With Core as he visits the Life Rolls On “They Will Skate Again” event in Venice Beach



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