Chris Skeeters - Marine, Bull Rider

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Date: 12 Jan 2016 15:44

My name is Chris Skeeters, I am 26 and a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. I went in the Marines 3 days out of high school, spent 8 years in, completed 3 tours, and received a Purple Heart on my last tour in 2012. Been bull riding for 7 years off and on due to training and deployments. I ride in multiple associations to include IPRA, SRA, SEBRA, ABT, and PAFRA. Wrapped up the 2015 season as the ABT rookie of the year and the PAFRA Reserve World Champion. In 2016 I plan to add CBR and PRCA to list of associations that I will be competing in. I am also a member of WARRIORS AND RODEO, a group for Heroes of this country to continue to serve and make sure no one is left behind.

SAY I WON’T is the never quit attitude, it is standing up to people and completing tasks inside and outside the arena that people say cannot be completed. It's standing up for the little guy who is judged because he's not like everyone else. It's making sure I give my daughter the life she deserves. It’s living up to my last name, cause in the end that is the one true thing that is always yours.

The biggest challenge I face everyday is never letting my brothers in arms down (those who were killed in action or struggle when they come home). When I signed up [for the Marines], I not only signed up to protect my country, but also my brothers. When I was blown up in 2012 I lost my gunner that day and I live every day to make sure his legacy, and the things that he did, will never be forgotten.

When asked to describe himself in one word, Chris replied, “DRIVEN”.  SAY I WON’T! 

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Chris Skeeters

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