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Date: 23 Dec 2014 11:26

Original Post: November 22, 2013

Warrix may best be known as one of the founding members of the duo Halfway To Hazard, who enjoyed success with their top 40 single “Daisy”. Chad’s most recent radio single, “Rain on the Roof” from his solo project, graced the charts in 2012. Additionally, one of Warrix’s songs, “Die by my own Hand” was recently released on Tim McGraw’s Emotional Traffic Album. In 2011/12 Chad penned the PBR recurring theme song “Say I Won’t”. (our personal favorite)

Chad has overcome many challenges to get to where he is today. He says, “I was kind of a sickly kid that was real skinny and weak, so I worked hard in the gym to get stronger. I also overcame a spinal injury a few years back from my years of riding motorcycles and ATVs. I'm in the music business, which is a huge challenge everyday to be self-motivated and disciplined to face daily rejection and criticism which is standard.” This does not stop Chad; he says that SAYiWON’T means that “the underdog always has a chance to win... I keep a positive attitude but also a little chip on my shoulder that keeps me hungry for success and the WiLL to keep trying and pushing forward. I learned the lesson of getting back up after being knocked down early in my childhood... I will not quit.” SAY i WON’T! 

As part of Halfway to Hazard, Warrix toured with Tim McGraw, and Jason Aldean on their Live your Voice Tour, and again on McGraw & Faith Hill’s Soul II Soul Tour. H2H was nominated as best duo by the ACM’s (Academy of County Music). Chad has also toured with Randy Houser & Keith Anderson filling in on guitar when needed. Through Chad’s philanthropic efforts, he has helped raise nearly one million dollars for various charities throughout his career, mainly in KY.

Chad is a proud supporter of his home state of Kentucky. His annual Crockettsville Charity Concert and Trail Ride, started in 2008, has raised over half a million dollars for Kentucky’s Buckhorn & Family Services Charity. Past performers at the event have included Tim McGraw, Dierks Bentley, Randy Houser, Keith Anderson, and Lee Brice.

Warrix has received the Eastern Kentucky Leadership Award, and last year was honored with the William D. Gorman Humanitarian Award for his continued efforts on behalf of his hometown. Chad was acknowledged in the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame with a display to highlight his musical and philanthropic achievements.


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Twitter & Instagram: @chadwarrix


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