Bryan Morris - MLB Pitcher

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Date: 13 Dec 2014 14:01

Original post: June 7, 2013

Bryan Morris is a professional baseball pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates of Major League Baseball.

Morris signed his first deal in 2006. He spent the next years battling his way to the top. He was told he couldn’t make it. He wouldn’t be a major league pitcher. That he didn’t have what it takes. He fought through injuries, trades, and most of all... doubt.
Bryan says: "SAYiWON'T means a lot to me because I've always been determined to prove people wrong. All the naysayers, all the people who told me I didn't have it in me. The people who said I wasn't good enough to play MLB. SAYiWON'T helps give me strength to continually challenge myself and the people who doubt me."
During spring training this year, Bryan helped design a SAYiWON’T challenge tee for all of the Pirates’ players. After the success of Pirates’ challenge tees, his friends decided to dedicate one specifically to promote Bryan and his quest for the majors. The "Support Bryan Morris" tee was born. There are now three Nashville area softball teams supporting Bryan on a weekly basis, as well as many of his friends and family back home reppin' for him. We are all proud of Bryan and want him to know that we have his back! With his great work ethic and attitude towards life, he's definitely a Team SAYiWON’T player.
When asked to describe himself in one word, Bryan said he’s “DETERMINED” - "I'm determined to do well, to not give up, even when things don't go my way. I'm going to stay determined because this is my dream and I'm not letting go of it." SAY i WON’T!
Check out some videos of Bryan with the Pirates...

 Brian M

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