Brian Wilczewski - Ninja Warrior

Categories: Inspiration
Date: 11 Nov 2015 19:38

Brian has been training parkour and Ninja Warrior for the past 9 years. His original inspiration started with Makoto Nagano and the original Sasuke "All Stars". In 2011 he turned his passion into a business by starting the "Movement Laboratory" with his older brother and American Ninja Warrior Veteran Christopher Wilczewski. Since its formation, the Movement Lab, has grown to one of the largest parkour/ninja warrior facilities on the east coast with one of the highest showing of members in the National Finals.

Like so many others involved with parkour, Brian contributes many of his successes to the community and discipline surrounding this emerging activity. In his own words:  “The discipline necessary for parkour/Ninja Warrior has helped me over come many of life’s challenges.  Without the community and support of this amazing group of people I would have never had the courage to leave the east coast to chase my dream of being an engineer in the aerospace industry.

The opportunity to collaborate with “Say I Won’t” embodies this passion and dedication that has been prevalent throughout my career.  “Say I Won’t” means never giving into the status quo. It means challenging the impossible, overcoming doubts, and emerging from your failures to become greater than you ever thought possible.“

Instagram:  @anwbrian

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