Barry Schroeder Jr. - Firefighter, paramedic, biker, husband, father.

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Date: 3 Dec 2014 14:46

Original Post: 5/3/2013

Update: 2/8/2015

With Barry's recent tattoo, we re-visited him to see how things were going.  Barry is very proud to say, "I'm still a full time paramedic and volunteering as a local firemen.  My wife and I have welcomed our third daughter.  I've committed to run the Tough Mudder this summer.  I workout daily since it has become a major part of my life. I also take pride in peer counseling and speaking with new amputees.  I still love riding my Harley and I'm Living the Creed Daily.  ~SAYiWON'T!  

Barry's Original SayiWon't Feature: Barry was committed to serving others and protecting his community. Married with a little girl and another on the way, he took pride in providing for his growing family. While participating in a motorcycle ride to raise money for a scholarship, Barry's life flashed before his eyes. He was struck by an inattentive driver and was thrown from his bike. As a paramedic he knew that his life was in danger. Barry was rushed into surgery and lost part of his leg. To make matters worse, he had just started a new job and was without insurance.

Depression set in and he took pain meds to get by. Two days after being released from the hospital, Barry’s wife gave birth to a baby girl. Barry had two choices - "to stay in the chair, or get up and work through it." His friend, Vince, sent Barry a SAYiWON'T care package. This extra motivation arrived at just the right time. With the help of friends and family, Barry turned a corner. He was fitted with a prosthetic leg and began to accept the cards he had been dealt. Vince and some of Barry’s close friends purchased SAYiWON’T “Ride Again” Challenge Tees to raise money to help with medical bills.

Barry said he believes the accident was God's way of reminding him there are more important things in life than what he was doing. "God slowed me down. He put me in a chair and now I look forward to going home and being with my kids.  I've learned to cherish every single day that I have now because tomorrow is not a guarantee." Barry embodies the SAYiWON’T creed and is making great strides in his recovery.

He is now back working as a full time paramedic. He is also back on his bike and refuses to let this accident take away his passions. Barry continues his therapy and is training for the Hero Rush, an incredibly challenging race and obstacle course. Like a true SAYiWON'T survivor, Barry pushes on. When asked to describe himself in one word, Barry replied “persistent”. SAY i WON’T!

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