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Date: 12 Jun 2015 13:11

SAYiWON’T Feature:  Austin Hoiland

On June 3rd 2014, Austin Hoiland was in a near fatal motorcycle accident. After the accident, he spent the first few days in a coma. He suffered multiple life threatening injuries including; traumatic brain injury, multiple skull and neck fractures, as well as some left side paralysis. The outlook was not good in the beginning, but as the days passed, doctors and nurses were labeling him "the miracle child". 23 days later he was released from the hospital and sent home to receive care and at 33 days he was walking unassisted. 

The next year would be tough for Austin, but he states his biggest challenge was refraining from doing the things that he loved and missed. “I had to follow all of the restrictions I was given by doctors. I could not wakeboard, ride my motorcycle, or my snowmobile. I am thankful to be alive but it’s driving me crazy. SAYiWONT, to me, means overcoming every challenge that doctors said I would be faced with. I overcame these challenges with the love and support of my family and friends, as well as knowing that if I wanted to get back to the things I was doing before the accident, the activities I love, I would have to work hard for it.” Austin’s family made SAYiWON’T - A MAN STRONG Challenge Tees to mark the one year anniversary of Austin’s accident and to show how far he has come. Fast forward to one year and he is hoping to get full clearance from his doctors to continue the sports he loves. 

When asked to describe himself in one word, Austin replied, “Perseverant”.  Say I Won’t! 

Update:  Austin got clearance this week to wakeboard and drive. Keep Living The Creed Austin! 

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 Austin Hoiland