Anthony Velez - Bullrider, US Army Veteran, Purple Heart Recipient

Categories: Inspiration
Date: 23 Dec 2014 14:39

Original post: June 20, 2014

Anthony is a father, husband, retired U.S. Army Staff Sergeant, Purple Heart recipient, and now a bull rider. Anthony served three tours in Iraq. He says, “My uniform defined me. It was everything to me. The Army was everything to me. My soldiers, that life, was my lifeline. Now I don’t have it. I don’t have the brotherhood, the camaraderie.” Anthony began riding bulls to help overcome this void. “I get on bulls because I love the fellowship with the other cowboys. It makes me feel alive again. It’s the most challenging thing any man can attempt. It separates me from others and allows me to set the limits. As a soldier, we need that feeling…” 

Anthony takes on life with a SAYiWON’T attitude. “SAYiWON’T means that nothing gets in the path of what I set my mind to. Pain will not defeat me; I feed on it. Fear cannot detour me; it guides me. [If you] SAYiWON’T… look in my eyes… they say I WILL.” 

When asked to describe himself in one word, Anthony replied, “PASSIONATE!” SAY I WON’T!


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