Alex Minsky - Athlete, Marine, Purple Heart Recipient

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Date: 23 Dec 2014 09:59

Original post: September 20, 2013

Alex was born and raised in California where he played soccer and other sports growing up. He joined the Marine Corp when he was 18. Three weeks after his first deployment in Afghanistan, he was severely injured when his Humvee ran over an IED. His life was changed forever. Alex spent 47 days in a coma. He suffered traumatic brain injuries, severe burns to his body from the explosion, broke his jaw in four places, and had his right leg amputated. Alex spent the next 18 months in the hospital where he began to recover and regain functions. He attended therapy daily to learn to walk and speak again. His prognosis was not very good. Others doubted his chance of recovery, but Alex never did. His SAYiWON’T attitude helped him fight through it. He states “SAYiWON’T is a dare. It's me asking you to dare me NOT to do this. It's me saying I’M GOING TO DO THIS! even if it’s hard, even when the odds are against me. I'm going to complete this challenge and I'm going to do the damn best I can!" He was determined to defy the odds. “My motivation was the thought of going back to work and being with my fellow Marines again.”

Alex had overcome so much, but his biggest challenge was yet to come. Less than two months after Alex left the Marines with an honorable discharge, his younger brother Daniel passed away. This time Alex turned to alcohol to help him deal with his pain. “When my younger brother died, I just shut down... shut off... stopped showing up to life because I really did not care what happened to me anymore. I gave up.” Alex would drink to escape. He was drinking a lot which got him into trouble. Due to that trouble, the drinking came to an abrupt stop. Alex says he’s “very thankful for that. I had to stop. Life's good today because I started to suit up and show up again. That one was a hard road to go down but I did it and I'm just now coming through on the better side of things.”

Alex has been sober for over a year now. He started eating healthy and working out daily. He says he now works out 4 hours a day. The gym is where he found his next calling when he was approached by a photographer during a workout and asked if he would consider modeling. He decided to give it a shot and in a short time, he has received national acclaim. He’s appeared in numerous ads, had a part on a TV show, appeared on Jay Leno, and more... 

When asked to describe himself in one word, Alex says, “now a days, OPTIMIST! (which is tattooed across his knuckles) Definitely not in the past, but if all I have is today... then I'd say today, I am an optimist. I can’t change the past. I’m following the next indicated steps. Things cross my path and if they look interesting to me then I’m doing them and I’m doing the best I can with them.” Alex will soon be traveling to New York and then Singapore for runway shows next month. “I’m just living it up... doing what I’m supposed to be doing: staying sober, staying humble, and staying grateful.” Alex wants to help inspire people to move past their disabilities and to never give up.

“I am not perfect now nor have I ever been. I am growing, learning, moving forward in my journey and in exploration of this earth. Always striving to be perfect, but never achieving. Because I am human.” –Alex Minsky

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